• Touch Screen
  • Full Reporting
  • Security Camera Integration
  • Digital Signatures
  • Ensure State Compliance
  • ID Scanner
  • Weigh Scale Integration
  • Register Money Trail
  • Price Updating
  • Check Printing
  • FingerPrint Capture & Verification
  • Image Snapshot w/Text Overlay
  • ID Custom Field Lookup
  • Quickbooks Data Integration
  • Track purchases and inventory
  • Faster Transactions
  • Reports in Seconds
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Cut Cost & Increase Profits
New Technology for Recycling Industry!

Do you ever get frustrated from issues due to not having affordable scrap recycling software? Common issues may include manually photo copying driver licenses, inefficient record keeping, loss production, unwanted paper expenses and many more.

The Time Has Come!

An affordable Scrap Recycling Software package is here! Scale Manager POS software handles standard buying process of Ferrous/Non-Ferrous metals, which is compliant with State and local laws. Stop filling out paper receipts for every transaction. Scale Manager was designed to be fast, accurate, efficient, and above all easy to operate.

Scale Manager will automate your business by providing you a fast easy to use application that automates each and every transaction in compliance with state and county laws.

With Scale Manager's technology, you will have the tools needed to manage your inventory, provide quick transaction purchases to your sellers, and provide various reports that will meet/exceed regulatory guidelines regarding purchases of recyclables.

Schedule a Demo Today!

If you would like to learn how to upgrade your business while reducing cost, we invite you to a FREE demonstration of ScrapYard Scale Manager. One of our Engineers will contact you to discuss your concerns, and evaluate your current process, to ensure Scale Manager would be beneficial to your company. We offer this Service to you so that you can get to know us better without any risk, call today!

  • GoodBye Paper System!

    Buried in Paper! Say goodbye to loads of paper infecting usable space in your company. Get rid of paper work headaches. SYSM stores everything electronically so less paper to deal with.

  • Law Compliance

    Due to high number of metal theft, recycle laws are constantly changing. Stay complaint with new and existing State and Federal laws, while being efficient with ScrapYard Scale Manager.

  • Grow Your Business!

    This proven technology allow companies to streamline their scrap operations to run a more profitable metal buying process.